Boundless - CFC Lite

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Size Does Matter

The CFC LITE fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, making it easy to conceal when you’re aiming for discretion and subtlety. But this discrete and pocketable design doesn’t diminish the style and function that comes with the CFC Lite.

Dry herb vaping never got easier. With a ceramic bowl that holds up to 0.4 grams of ground up herb, you’ll be heating up in no time to one of 3 pre-set temperatures. The CFC Lite is a powerful little beast packed full of features unheard of at this price point. And we’re not just saying that. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite billowy clouds with this dry herb vape either. It’s right on par with the bigger devices out on the market.


description CFC Lite
description Cleaning Brush
description USB Charging Cable
description Mouthpiece Screens (x2)
description Chamber Screens (x2)
description User Manual


description Select between 3 preset temperatures: Blue: 385ºF (196ºC), Green: 403ºF (206ºC), & Red: 421ºF (216ºC).
description Compact and rugged design with textured grooves for comfortable hand placement
description Ridges help to wick away heat for increased hand comfortability.
description Built with medical and food-grade material
description Non-combustion aromatherapy device
description Rechargeable 18350 800 mAh battery included


Fits In Your Hand

Weight: 6.4oz (0.4 lb)
Dimensions: 98mm x 34mm x 32mm
[3.54in x 1.34in x 1.26in]
Temperature Levels: 385ºF (196ºC), 403ºF (206ºC), & 421ºF (216ºC).
Battery: (1) Removable 18350 800 mAh Battery
Sessions Per Charge: 3-5 sessions
Chamber Material: Ceramic chamber
Heating System: Conduction

3-year manufacturer warranty 90-day warranty on the battery.


Perfect for Active Consumers

The CFC Lite is the best of many worlds when it comes to a lightweight, ultra-portable, powerful, and affordable piece of tech. It’s not always possible to find a compact device that stands up to the quality that experienced connoisseurs expect, and at a budget-price to boot.

Who's the CFC for?

The CFC Lite is ideal for those on-the-go humans who value subtlety and effectiveness. This compact device is small enough to easily conceal in an average-sized hand. If you’re looking for a product that is kind to your bank account and also kind to your lungs, you can’t go wrong with the CFC Lite.

Convection for Herbs?

With this happy little device, you’ll be able to experience quick relief without the odors or byproducts often associated with the combustion of plant matter. Due to the conduction heating system, the vaping is possible due to the plant’s direct contact with the heating source. This provides a smoother and cleaner draw for those who want the benefits of the vapor without the drawbacks of smoking.

Size & Colors

The CFC Lite is available in black. It is just under 4 inches tall and a little over an inch in diameter, which makes it the perfect size to tuck away into the palm of your hand, pocket, or bag. This aromatherapy device has the power and beauty of the CFC 2.0, but in a smaller, more affordable body.


All Boundless Technology, LLC products are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty. There is a separate 90-day warranty on the battery.

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